Thursday, February 3, 2011

Worn Out

There are only three CDs I have ever played so much that I have worn them out. Like, they won't play anymore without skipping simply because I have played them just that much.

Point of Grace - Life, Love and Other Mysteries (don't judge, this is an AWESOME CD!)

Rent Soundtrack

Caught Up - self-titled

Although there are some I can't believe aren't worn out yet - Maroon 5, Britt Nicole, Three Days Grace, and Erin McKeown all have CDs that I listen to very consistently and I'm surprised they're still intact.

Have you ever listened to a CD so much it quit working??

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Ken Loyd said...

Well, our Raffi CD was already skipping on a couple of songs when we got it, though most play fine. Now that we play it every time Brianna is here, it's just a matter of time. . . . "I'll sing a song, and you'll sing a song, and we'll sing a song to-ge-therrr."