Saturday, February 5, 2011


What a busy, busy week! I think I say that every week to myself, but seriously.

Monday we had Hunter's 4-month doctor's appointment. He weighed in at 13 lbs, 4 ounces and was 24 1/2 inches long. That's about a pound and an inch more than Bri was at that age, I believe. We had Kindermusik that evening but Mom and Dad couldn't watch Hunter for me since Mom had a mild case of shingles. Jenn bravely offered to watch Hunter - "I can handle anything for an hour!" - so Brianna and I traipsed off to class. We did a lot of dancing, a lot of singing, and a lot of pretending to be animals. Bri is still timid at the beginning of class but then she sings the whole way home. Backwards girl! Jenn says Hunter was fine but I think she wouldn't tell me otherwise. It was definitely a relief to not have him at class though, she was right about that!

Tuesday mom and dad offered to keep Brianna so I could work on packing up boxes for our Fed By Faith delivery. Fortunately, Hunter slept practically the whole time I was at church so I actually got a lot done!

Wednesday we had normal lunch with mom and dad. I left early from there with Hunter to do a mystery shop before work. Then I dropped stuff off at the coalition and went to work. After about an hour or a little more, Hunter just wasn't having it. He wasn't hungry, he was just tired, and no way was he going to sleep there. I put him in the car and drove to the church, and sure enough he passed out on the way. Again, he slept the whole time I was there working on FBF stuff. He never even knew we went to church! I went to pick up Brianna and we got home just in time for everyone to get fed and napped before leaving for church. I was able to make it through church because both kids are staying in the nursery now, which is really nice particularly because Stephen hasn't really been at church lately due to being on 12-hour shifts. When we got home from church Stephen was asleep on the couch, so obviously I sent Bri to go wake him up! It wasn't long before the three of them were fast asleep for real!

Thursday I had another mystery shop for lunch, and then I took Brianna to mom and dad's again so I could make the FBF delivery. The delivery was all the way in Troy so it was really far away. We pulled up to the apartment complex and there were some teenagers out on the playground. Cindy's son Thomas sniffed the air and said, "Mom, what's that smell?" I just started laughing and Cindy said, "Is that reefer!?!?" Sure enough, they were out there smoking pot! We just shook our heads and I said, "Nobody breathe!!" That is so classic Troy I guess. We got home a little after 8:00 and Stephen was on Skype with the GA family. I made dinner while he and Brianna talked to them. One thing he didn't think about was the fact that it was bath night for Bri, so by the time we ate dinner and he bathed her it was really late. He wasn't very happy about that but you live and you learn!

Yesterday was a busy day too. We went to Melissa's for a play date with Noah, Claire and Evan. It was so nice to be around other adults and kids. I love watching the kids play together. I'm always amazed by how calm Bri is when we're at other people's houses but she really warmed up to them after a while. After Melissa's I stopped by work because everyone's always asking to see the kids. Of course after I stopped there I wanted to stop by Granny's house so Granny could see them too! We didn't get home until about 4:00 or so and Brianna ended up napping until like 6:45! I was worried she was just going to sleep through the night or something!

I've been working many many late hours (early morning hours) on FBF stuff. We just had bags and bags and bags of clothes donated and someone's got to go through them. (Me.) (Kudos to Cindy for offering her assistance but it's not her responsibility.) Last night I finally finished around 2:30am. I am learning to live on small amounts of sleep, but I was doing that anyway thanks to Hunter's every 2 hour eating schedule!!

Okay, here are some pictures since I actually have a day off today and had time to upload pictures. Videos coming too!

Brianna the hairdresser: "Let's try this pink hair clip."

"Oh, but the white matches your outfit."

Brianna the maid:

Brianna the chef:

Daddy's clothes are much better than her own:

One of Brianna's Christmas presents, the Aquadoodle. SUCH a great toy!

She's the poster child for this toy:

Brianna, that's a baseball, not a snowball! Don't throw it!

Classic Brianna look:

I must comb my hair before church!

Poor Hunter has to use Bri's pink hand-me-downs!

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