Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sleep Habits

Last weekend we had family from Georgia come in town for a couple of days. Right before they got here, Hunter slept one night from 11pm to 7am which was his longest stretch ever. Then, the very next night, he was up every three(ish) hours again.


I guess that one night was a fluke because he's not had another night like that since. But last night was pretty good! He slept from 11pm to 4:15am, ate for about 20 minutes, and went back to bed. Imagine my surprise when I was woken up by Brianna this morning at 8:30 and Hunter was still sleeping soundly in his room right next to her. He ended up sleeping until 9:00. Nice!

Basically everyone told me that when we had Hunter, it would screw with Brianna's sleep schedule. I thank God that wasn't the case. Even when we put Hunter upstairs to sleep in the room next to Bri's, they have never once woken each other up. This is awesome because I am not good with just a little sleep. So even when Hunter has had crazy nights, he tends to sleep really late in the mornings and so does Bri, so it gives me an opportunity to catch up.

Oh yeah... we also figured out what might have been the cause for Hunter waking up so much those nights after his 8-hour night. Leila was playing with his this weekend and noticed a tooth. I blew it off, saying that he and Brianna always have gotten those white spots on their gums. She was pretty certain of what she was seeing though.

It's hard to see but after checking it out, it looks like Hunter has his first tooth about to break through. Oh my Lordy! I know Bri was several months older than this when she got her first tooth. That is just crazy to me.

Hopefully he will get plenty of rest and his teeth won't bother him much. They never seemed to bother Brianna when hers were coming in.

That's all for now.

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