Sunday, February 20, 2011

Life Without a Computer

For a while my computer has been running really slowly, getting stuck for no reason, and just being all around irritating. I'm fortunate that Jenn gave me her old laptop a few months back because my other desktop is in the attic (was in Hunter's room) and Stephen lets me use his laptop whenever possible but there are times we both need a computer.

After I complained about my computer enough, Stephen talked to a guy he works with who said the problem is my RAM on that computer is low. That's supposedly an easy fix. Long story short, we purchased some more RAM for my computer.

I went to do a coupon seminar in Candor Friday morning. It went really well. We had about 20-25 men and women show up and I had a lot of fun. Only three people fell asleep. Just kidding!

Side note: On the way home I stopped at the West End dump to do dumpster diving and got about 15 coupon inserts. :)

When I got home, Stephen looked at me with a very guilty look on his face and said, "I may have messed up your computer."

Longer story short... after talking to Geek Squad we're not really positive what happened but my computer is down for the count. They were able to back up my hard drive but at the moment we have laptops only (unless I choose to sit in the attic and use the computer) and neither of these have my camera software on them. So I can't upload pictures, I can't update my documents (which include my grocery budget, 101 list, etc.).

I like to think I don't rely on technology that much but it seems technology has called my bluff.

Until I get a new computer (thanks to the company I mystery shop for I get the employee discount at Dell and thanks to Ebates I get 4% cash back when I shop at Dell!) I will have to blog about our life... without pictures. Post recipes... without pictures. Save my receipts. Hope I don't go over budget. Not update my Itunes. And probably lots of other stuff I will come up with in the next few days.

So that's what's been going on the past few days. We had family in town and went to see Stephen's family in Eden but I can't upload my cute pictures. I will get them up as soon as I have a new computer on hand!

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