Thursday, February 17, 2011

#92 - Purge Closet & #96 - Go through Jeans

I posted a plea to Jennifer on her Facebook page - basically, PLEASE, PLEASE come show me the error of my ways when it comes to clothes! I had probably 15-20 items of clothes that I just wasn't ready to get rid of yet but I just needed a push one way or the other. And I owned probably 13 pairs of jeans and wore three consistently. Oh, and P.S. one of those is getting altered because the zipper broke, so that means down to two pairs of jeans. Yeah.

She was super excited because she is awesome like that and that is why she is my BFF.

Even more exciting - we had two extremely awesome offers of clothes come to us just a few days apart. Stephen K.'s girlfriend offered us her throwaways and then Cindy's friend Megan offered us her throwaways! Hallelujah! A new wardrobe for free!!

So she lugged her bags and boxes of clothes over here today. She sat and watched me try on every pair of jeans I own. Every shirt I was unsure if it was too short. Some dresses I pulled off the hanger and she said "No." before I could even blink. She assured me I could pull off some of the clothes. She was amazed that I don't own more shoes. She helped me piece outfits together.

And almost three hours, one pizza, and four tired children later?

Closet purged.

Jeans purged.

New clothes in piles around the house, waiting to be sorted for laundry or giveaway.

I took pictures of the piles and then decided there is such a thing as too much information.

I now have ONLY jeans that fit me. I have shirts and skirts I'm not ashamed to wear. Clothes that make me feel GOOD! And thanks to two lovely ladies giving their clothes and one lovely lady helping me sort through them, I got a whole new wardrobe for absolutely NO COST!!

I went through Megan's clothes as soon as I got home from church on Sunday. As soon as I went through them I put them in the laundry so I could begin wearing them to church Sunday night. After I got dressed for church in my new clothes, Stephen took one look at me and playfully smacked me on the butt. Brianna grinned, walked over, and followed suit. I laughed so hard as I told Cindy that story, and she said, "Now that's the response we were looking for!"

Thank you so much to generous people. Now what am I going to use my TJ Maxx gift cards for.... oh the possibilities!

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Ken Loyd said...

Two things: 1) I don't need a picture of Bri smacking you on the butt because I can picture her doing the same thing to me, including the mischievous smile on her face. 2)As far as "such a thing as too much information," that's what people regularly get on MY blog.