Monday, February 28, 2011

True Sweethearts

Last weekend was our Sweetheart Banquet at church. Yes, for Valentine's Day. Better late than never! Mom and dad were willing to watch the kids so Stephen and I could dominate in the Newlywed Game we play every year at the Banquet! We were sure 2011 was our year because we'd been practicing since the 2010 banquet!!

Unfortunately, we came in second place, which we were still really happy about. That is the funniest game to play with a group of people! Some questions were "gimme" questions for us - What color are the sheets on your bed right now? (We only have white sheets.) Where would you travel if you could go anywhere? (Pre-decided answer just in case we had this question - Alaska.) Favorite meal your wife makes? (Chicken and dumplings of course!)

Some questions we thought they might ask so we planned answers for them. What is my pet peeve about Stephen? He spends money too frivolously. What is Stephen's pet peeve about me? I spend money too frugally. What's my favorite gift he's ever gotten me? Massages. Etc, etc. We got all of those questions right, by the way.

But then they threw in some tricky ones! Wives, what car would your husband get if it was given to him for free? (Silence on my end.) I now know that Stephen would get a Viper RT-10. Well, I'll remember that for 2012! Husbands, what kind of deodorant does your wife use? (As one of the ladies said, "That's hard for Stephen to answer - Amanda would use whatever deodorant has a coupon!" Haha, so true!) Unfortunately, Stephen (who doesn't even know what type of deodorant he uses) answered that I use Right Guard. So funny!! We have about 10+ sticks of Right Guard deodorant at home (thanks Rite Aid!) so I guess it was on his brain. They asked who steals the covers in the bed? I answered that I do, thinking Stephen would put that I steal them. He answered that he does, thinking that I would put that he does. D'oh!!

The one I'm proud of him for getting was, what is your wife's favorite animal? I'm not a big animal lover so at the last second I scribbled in Panda Bears, only because this is a childhood nickname of mine. He also put Panda Bears. :)

I guess we do know each other after all, even though we didn't win!!

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