Friday, March 25, 2011

#73 - Pay off my car

Well, thank you very much, tax refund!! Thanks to you we were able to pay off my car this month!! I can remember getting that car like it was just yesterday. I think we made a 5 year payment plan and paid it off in a little under 5 years. It has been a great, reliable car just like every other Toyota I've ever owned or known about. I have no plans to sell it, although Stephen is like a car salesman's dream because he is already talking about upgrading. But this is my car, my baby, and I'm not letting her go! What a good feeling... now we officially own more vehicles than we are paying for. All we are paying on now is the truck!

And the best part - extra money in the bank every month!

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Allan Stec said...

Replacing your car can be a tough call, especially if you had it for many years. But who knows, maybe you'll find a better one for you soon. What truck do you own right now?