Sunday, March 27, 2011

Picture Update

More family pictures!!

This was after Evan's baptism. Poor Riley was the butt of jokes for wearing this outfit. She was awfully cute, but most of us are not Duke fans. :)

Brianna after a rare opportunity to eat chocolate:

Bri likes to grab the camera, put it up to her eye, say "click" and then she looks at the black screen and says, "Awwww!" This time she actually took my picture though!

If I were Grandpa, I would think of a funny caption for this cute expression!!

Hunter loves the Aquadoodle!

See Claire's fancy earrings??

One day I heard Hunter over here. I thought, "Did I put him down over here?"

Nope. He started here, and went over there in less than a couple of minutes. He is faster than a speeding bullet!!

Brianna is determined to entertain Hunter:

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Jennifer Kirby said...

That one of Bri in the Exersaucer and Claire in the swing is too funny! All of these are great. You make beautiful babies. Love you!