Friday, March 4, 2011

Like New

Several years ago I bought these shirts from American Eagle. I bought two in different colors because I loved the style and fit. Unfortunately, about a year ago (or maybe even longer!) the ribbons which tie in the back of these shirts came off, basically from being washed so many times probably.

The Issue:

The ribbons were literally hanging on by a thread. For a year (or more!) they sat in my closet, and every time I looked at them I thought, "I'm sure I can fix that. I hate to give away two great shirts that I know I can fix." But I never took the time to do it.

Enter awesome new sewing machine from my in-laws. That was the motivation I needed to pull out these shirts and repair them!!

The Repair:

I have now worn each of these shirts for the first time in a year (or more!) and yes, the ribbons stayed intact while I wore them and after being laundered. Victory for Amanda!

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