Tuesday, May 24, 2011


The other weekend, the K.'s invited us to go to Charlotte to see the Armentas. Of course I jumped at the chance! Libba and Jorge have a girl and a boy also, so it was really interesting to see six kids from ages 6 months to 29 months playing together!! The girls were Ruthie, 29 months, Brianna, 25 months, and Claire, 22 months, and the boys were Wright, 10 months, Hunter, 7 months, and Evan, 6 months. So we were just having a ball! The girls played outside in the water a lot because it was so hot, while the adults tried to just sit around and take it easy. Libba and Jorge made us an incredible lunch and it was just so much fun to spend the afternoon there!

As I was typing this, I felt like I had already blogged about it. So if I did, so sorry. It's all leading up to this video. Leading up to the trip, I was trying to teach Bri the names of Libba, Jorge, Ruthie, and Wright. She didn't really say their names while we were in their presence, but boy has she talked about them a LOT since then!! I finally got it on video. Ruthie is the hardest name to say, haha! But we definitely love that family and I hope we get to see them again soon!

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