Monday, May 30, 2011

My Christmas List

Another worksheet I found in one of my boxes is from third grade. It's called "My Christmas List" and this is everything I was asking for for Christmas that year. You can tell by this list that I was also a bit of a kiss-up to my teachers...

1. trampoline
2. swimming pool
3. nintendo
4. nintendo (just in case you didn't catch it the first time)
5. nintendo games
6. surprises
7. mystery books
8. history books like The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
9. Peace On Earth!
10. bathing suit
11. beanbags
12. nice teachers next year like I have this year
13. good friends like I have now
14. new clothes
15. a math book for math
16. my own phone
17. everyone to have a happy Christmas
18. there to be no wars ever again
19. presents
20. no one to die near Christmas time
21. no one to be sad
22. everyone to be HAPPY!
23. my own room (maybe)

Oh well, I did have good intentions with some of my requests anyway!


tmcneill said...

So did you get anything? Like your own room?

Amanda said...

Well, I'm not sure what year I wrote this so I don't know what I got. But I KNOW I didn't get most of this stuff, which were totally ridiculous things to ask for (swimming pool!?!?) I'm sure I got books though. See how I put I maybe wanted my own room? I never really wanted my own room. But my darling sister always wanted me out! :( Haha!