Saturday, May 28, 2011

Who Taught Her That?

Yesterday we had some pretty bad thunderstorms around home. We were working at Classy Paci so at least we were inside all day, but we definitely heard the thunder and saw the rain. Bri isn't bothered by thunder, lightning, or rain normally so we carried on as usual. But many times after a very loud thunderclap, she would look at me, say "Thunder", and shake her balled fists. At first I said, "Bri, are you doing Thumbkin?" thinking that perhaps she thought "thunder" and "thumb" were the same word. But she said no, she wasn't doing Thumbkin, so I just wondered where in the world she learned that.

This is what she was doing.

Did someone seriously teach her the sign for "thunder" or did she just make it up coincidentally? Isn't that funny?

I tried to video her doing it but she just held her fists there. She's still cute though.

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