Sunday, May 29, 2011

Why Moore County?

I am in the process of cleaning out our attic, which means I also get to go through the multitudes of "memory boxes" that I have created. These are cards from people, old school papers, Bri and Hunter's doctor's stats, etc etc. As I find funny stuff I would love to blog about it just in case you think it's funny too.

One thing I found is called "Why Do People Choose Moore County to Live In?" by Amanda Loyd and Jennifer Loyd. This was in with my 2nd grade papers.

Why Do People Choose Moore County to Live In?
1. Close to job
2. To get a job
3. Good farm land
4. Peace and quiet
5. Help your family
6. School and college
7. Born here
8. Hear about it
9. Factories and mills
10. Wants and needs
11. Safe, not much crime
12. Recreation
13. Weather
14. Hospital
15. To do what they like
16. Retirement homes

How many of these do you think are still reasons people live in Moore County? And how many were never a reason? I mean... hospital? I guess I didn't realize how many hospitals there are. And I'm not sure about the peace and quiet anymore! Well, I hope this made you chuckle a little bit. I'm not sure if this was an assignment that Jenn helped me on or if it was just for fun. I know I was always making up my own homework assignments because I was really cool, so this could be one of those.


Ken Loyd said...

If you hadn't mentioned Jennifer's name also being on it, I would have thought this was from an activity we did at school (you were in my second grade class, for readers who don't know). I know I did this activity as a brainstorm several years, but not sure how far back.

Amanda said...

Maybe I made her do it with me at home later?