Saturday, May 7, 2011

Picture Update

I figured I may as well empty my camera of pictures in lieu of actually writing something about our incredibly busy lives! Too much to remember to write about - this way I can sort of document what we do in picture form.

Bri got this really cool tent and tunnel for her birthday. Thanks Granny! The best thing is, Hunter loves it too! He will climb through the tunnel and Bri will race around inside the tent to scare him. Then they chase each other inside the tunnel. They spend a lot of time doing this!

Uh oh! Camera spotted!

Bri doing "The Monster" and getting Hunter! He loves this although I don't know how he doesn't puke when she does it. She's pretty rough but they both cackle the whole time so I never stop her from doing it.

I allowed Brianna to put her own eyeshadow on the other day. End result? David Bowie.

Coolest thing ever? Sitting with Daddy on the beanbag chair eating popcorn in your jammies.

Oh wait, THIS is the coolest thing ever. Sitting with Daddy on the beanbag chair eating popcorn in your jammies watching UFC!!

The only picture we took the entire time we were at Springfest last weekend.

Bri loves to wear her Daddy's hats!

Hunter crawls up on everything - mainly the slide because usually Brianna's sitting at the top urging him to climb up. He is very balanced and stable!!

Talking on the phone (really, she is), doing a puzzle and reading her birthday card. Major multi-tasking!

Hunter would rather eat the spoon than the sweet potatoes.

A strawberry murderer:


Ken Loyd said...

How do you take such good pictures while you're laughing (surely!)?

Amanda said...

Well, for every one good one there are three shaky ones!