Monday, May 9, 2011

Who's Da Mama?

So... I'm starting to think I should have wished Brianna an honorary "Happy Mother's Day" yesterday. She is always so, so, so good with Hunter, but I noticed two things she did today that were so motherly I just don't want to forget them.

Her and Hunter were playing in the kitchen while I was washing dishes. Suddenly she ran over to the pack 'n' play and started frantically saying something that I didn't understand. I was naming everything in there - lotion? NO! Diaper? NO! Finally I got it - baby wipe. I got her a baby wipe and said, "Do you need a baby wipe?" She said, "No! Hunter!" and ran off. I went over to watch what she was doing. I so regret that I did not have a video camera. Hunter was drooling, as usual, but it had dripped onto his hand. She so tenderly took his chin in her hand and wiped it with the baby wipe, then gently took his hand and wiped it. She then proceeded to wipe the entire floor area around him. She threw away the baby wipe and then finally she just looked at me and grinned. She looked so proud of herself, and of course I praised her for what she had just done!!

Just a few minutes later he turned toward the fridge. The next thing I knew, I heard Bri's little feet just a-going, and I heard, "Oh no Hunter! No, no, no!" (which I hear pretty frequently actually) but it turned out he had taken out the water filter from our refrigerator! (It falls out because it's not attached to anything, so this is not exactly a crisis.) But she very gently took the filter from his hand and replaced it with one of her toy magnets so he'd have something else to play with. Then she put the filter back in the right place! And
then, she gave him the sweetest little pat on the back.

While I was typing this he started screaming. By the time I looked, Brianna had solved the problem - he was stuck in between the chair and the toy lawnmower. She quickly moved the lawnmower and then started singing to him to quiet him down.

What a great little helper.

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Ken Loyd said...

Amanda, this is SO touching, and SO BRI! I can picture it perfectly from your description-- no video required. Thank you for sharing.