Thursday, May 19, 2011

One Quick Video

I have found the way to lose those last couple of baby pounds, ladies. But I don't really recommend it, as it involves you laying around helplessly; well, either that or running to make it to a trash can in time. Too much information? Sorry. I've been out of commission all week due to some virus and all I can say is thank goodness for family who lives in town! I don't know what I would have done with the kids otherwise. I've been meaning to load this video forever because Brianna loves it. One day when we were at my parents' house, my dad scared my mom and it really tickled Bri and made an impression on her. So this is her telling you what happened - Grandpa said, "Boo!", Grandma said, "Ahhhh!", Kitty Cat just meowed, and me and Brianna laughed about it. :)

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