Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Bath Time

Okay, so for about 8 months Hunter was the kid who hated bath time. I mean, he would scream bloody murder, turn purple, I was constantly checking the water temperature or you know, see if I had needles sticking out of my fingers into his body or something. But I guess he just hated it, and looking back it was probably because he had to sit still for ten minutes straight. Now that he is out of his baby bathtub he loves baths!!

These first pictures I took to show off his most recent bruise (although that may change by the time this blog posts). He was standing, holding onto the coffee table, which he does all the time, but he toppled over and hit his ear on the way down. Doesn't it look awful!?!? Well, it looks much worse up close, trust me. He hardly cried though.

Also, I am putting a video on here, and disclaimer - he doesn't fall in the bathtub, slip, or get hurt in any way, so don't get nervous grandparents anyone.

Oh yeah, and if you listen closely at the very end you will hear his new "word"... that's right, Mama! :)

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