Friday, July 15, 2011

From the Attic

You should really click on this picture to enlarge it. This is a Christmas list of mine. Not sure how old I was, but I loved to go through catalogs and just clip pictures of the things I wanted.

Just so you know, I did not own any of these toys, so obviously I was naughty or something and Santa decided not to bring these to me. :)

  • "Frog Piano"
  • Fisher Price zoo set
  • Fisher Price farm set
  • My Little Pony house set
  • Dial-A-Teacher (I'm not sure what this was. I tried to Google it and can't find any information about it.)
  • Ballet bar
But I did get these toys, so maybe I wasn't too bad of a kid.
  • Fisher Price parking garage
  • Big plastic house (there is no brand name on the picture but I know we have this toy)
Anybody remember any of these toys, if you can see the picture?

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