Tuesday, July 5, 2011

How We Do

We didn't do anything for July 4th this year, primarily because we have a 9-month old who was asleep at 7:30 but it ended up raining a bit anyway, so that's okay. Brianna and I sat on the porch when the storm was first blowing in and it felt so good outside for once. It's been so blazing hot lately!

We didn't do anything really spectacular the rest of the night, just the usual - playing games, eating, taking baths, although I did show Bri some fireworks on youtube and she was not impressed at all. Finally around 9:15 when she should have been going to bed (or already in bed) I decided we should have some brownies. We had brownies in a box but I love homemade so that's what we did. Then I thought it would just be wrong to have her help me make the brownies but not stay up to eat one. Fortunately they only took about 30 minutes to make and about 30 milliseconds to eat, so it was all good.

Saying, "Cheese!" She is pretty terrifying...

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