Saturday, July 2, 2011

Claire is TWO!

Happy birthday to my favorite niece Claire!! We partied at her house last night - their new house - and we had so much fun! Unfortunately most of my pictures came out really dark or blurry, so these are the only good ones.

The joys of having a 2-year old... they think you are their punching bag, tree to climb, monkey bars, stuffed animal, etc. etc.!!!!

Claire goes HIGH in the swing!!

Brianna is more of a supervisor...

Time for cake!

And then the opening of presents! (I think every kid there helped Jenn open Claire's presents at some point)

Dan rescues Hunter from the chaos that is the living room floor!

What is it!?!?

A new tricycle!!!

It was such a fun party. Thanks for hosting you guys!

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