Thursday, July 14, 2011

From the Attic

I found these old signs in one of my boxes and I remembered the summers that Jane, Sally and I would set up roadside stands in the hopes of making some extra cash. But we didn't sell lemonade like "normal" kids, oh, no. We put on plays.

"Amanda + Jane. 2 future actresses. 50 cents per play. 2 plays, see either drama or comedy."

"5 minute plays. DRAMA/COMEDY - which do you prefer? ONLY 50 cents per play. Acted out by: Jane Taylor + Amanda Loyd. The Martian and the Girl"

Well, these signs were fun to me, but then the other night Mom gave me a piece of paper. I didn't realize what I was holding until I saw this sign that said "The Martian and the Girl" and then read the paper that Mom gave me. She didn't realize it but she had given me the lost script of The Martian and the Girl!!

Okay, let me preface this by saying I have no clue how we wrote this. I'm sure Jane and I combined forces, but I do have to admit it sounds like something I would have come up with. I was probably 11 or 12 years old at this time. I'm also not really sure what some of it means... There are some random phrases throughout, so if you are reading this and feeling confused, I'm right there with you. With that said, and without further ado, I give you... The Martian and the Girl.

Amanda: Who or what are you?


Jane: I am a Martian.

Amanda: Where are you from?

Jane: Mars. Take me to your leader.

Amanda: Why?

Jane: Hustle. Hustle to your destiny.

Go to Bill. (As I was typing this, I realized "Bill" must be Bill Clinton, who was president at this time!! Too funny!!)


Amanda catches up.

Amanda: What are you doing?

Jane: I need your leader.

Amanda: Why are you putting us through this? What do you want?

Jane: Mars is running low. So we need some of your...

Amanda: Our what???

Jane: Bridge partners!


Sally said...

That is very familiar. I must have seen this show!

Amanda said...

I hope you got your 50 cents worth!