Monday, July 4, 2011

Garden Update

Our garden is somewhat at a standstill this year. Between the incredibly hot days and the fact that we are only allowed to water every four days, the heat has just really taken a toll on our plants. They are still alive, but they just aren't flourishing like they have other years.

The other day we bought our first watermelon (we had eaten watermelon of course, thanks to Mom, but I hadn't bought one yet this year until a couple of weeks ago) and as our neighbor drove past us outside he said, "Did that come from your garden!?" Thanks for the confidence, Jim, but no.

This beautiful little guy loved the new watermelon flavor in the compost pile!!

But it is funny, because I actually did plant watermelon this year. I found these seeds at the coalition for $1.00 so I just bought them thinking it would be fun just to plant them. I figured Brianna would be out in the garden with me more this year than last. *Note - that was before I realized it was going to be 105 every. single. day.*

So.... look! I can see something has already nibbled on it (I would blame Hunter but I don't allow him near the garden) so hopefully it won't get eaten by something else before I get to eat it!

Just texting people while waiting for me to finish watering the garden...

Stephen never really liked the idea of us having a compost pile, but I still decided to have one this year. And the other day, when Mom and Dad came over (Dad was checking on a plumbing issue for me; thanks Dad!) they identified this plant in our compost as a tomato plant! Yes! Composting at its best!

Not to get too corny, but seeing that made me think of how that correlates to our faith. My life was that compost pile not too long ago, but just a few years ago, I got saved and God brought me out of that compost pile like a big ole beautiful tomato plant! Woohoo!! I am so grateful I'm a tomato plant and not the compost now. :)

And our yummy blueberries! There is almost nothing as relaxing as being able to step out of your house, grab a handful of blueberries, and enjoy them right there. Thank you to the previous owners of our house for cultivating these beauties!!

So I know our garden is lacking a little bit, but I am thankful just for the opportunity to see it grow a little bit every day, spend some time outside, and spend time teaching Brianna about it. Now please, just let some of our veggies come in!!

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'Tracey Garner said...

That is the way our bucket garden has been this year, but I am thankful for the 5 banana peppers, 3 bell peppers, 3 tomatoes and 24 grape tomatoes that we have gotten. No squash keeps rotting on the vine.