Thursday, July 7, 2011

Camera Dump

My camera cut off in the middle of doing a video of Bri and Hunter today, which means it's time for another camera dump of pictures!!

At Nenah and Papa's the other weekend:

So over it at this point!

Don't ask me how he gets into these random places. And please excuse the pink diaper...

Fashion 101:

Hunter. Seriously?? I know I said you could help, but that's really not helping!


One afternoon I mentioned to Bri that I wanted to vacuum. I walked away to do something and when I came back into the living room it looked like this:

That girl knows her chores!!


Anonymous said...

I would be hiding if I had to wear that pink diaper too!

Anonymous said...

So Hunter helps with dishes and Bri helps vacuum. Can you teach Josh and Jenn how to be so helpful?