Thursday, November 1, 2012

#1 - More Pictures from August

I'm going to attempt NaBloPoMo again! I've done it other years, so hopefully this will help me catch up on the multitude of pictures and events I need to blog about.

It's late, so I don't really have time for a "real" post. My Grandpa Loyd passed away, peacefully, this afternoon. We will go to Georgia soon for his funeral and get to spend some time with the rest of our family (and Stephen's!) while we're down there. I will post next week about the funeral and our trip down there. Until then, this is the blog post you get... a quick and easy one!

These are pictures from the last time I had nursery at night at church. Usually when it's a Sunday night and I have nursery, there are three kids - Brianna, Hunter, and Bri's friend Kassie. It gives us the flexibility to go to the playground if the weather is nice. We love it!

Kassie hula-hooping:

Pushing each other on the swings:

We decided just to chill on the big swing with the dinosaur:

Brianna got a pink hair clip-on from a birthday party and wore it EVERYWHERE for a while. Not sure where it is now though...

Fashion sense:

Daddy's recycling idea - make shoes out of Mountain Dew boxes! After they got tired of wearing them, they would stack them and ride their bike into the stack to knock them over.

How she dressed herself one (not-that-cool) morning. I did NOT tell her to pose like this!

Minnie got a head wound:

This is probably how the head wound happened:

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