Thursday, November 8, 2012

#8 - Fall Festival at Church (Mainly)

These first pictures are from the day before our Fall Festival at church. One of those days where Hunter never made it out of his pajamas and it was still cool enough that we didn't have to wear shoes.

 We had some work to do at church and then we headed to Party Poopers to get Brianna a last-minute Halloween costume. Hunter decided he was going to try on every helmet in that store. I have to admit he was really cute running around!

Doing a Halloween craft that I got for $0.20 last year from Michaels. How I love clearances after holidays!!

 I won't mention the fact that neither I nor the children could figure out how to actually make the craft stick together and I ended up throwing both of them (and all the pieces) away. Well, there went $0.40.

 Brianna chose to be Cinderella and the outfit actually stayed on all night! Hallelujah!

 We brilliantly did not buy Hunter a costume. Instead we borrowed one from my sister (a dinosaur) and he wouldn't even step foot into it. No skin off my back!

Brianna got a ringer at horseshoes within her first couple of throws!!

 Thanks for the candy bracelet, Pastor Chad.

Well balanced meal:

 The only place we went trick-or-treating was my Mom and Dad's... and this is what the kids ended up doing.

Our fall festival was actually two weeks before Halloween so we got it out of the way, didn't even do trick-or-treating the night of Halloween, and didn't even buy any clearanced candy!! Wow. I just can't believe that. But what a stress-free holiday this was!

Halloween 2009: (Brianna as a pumpkin)

Halloween 2010: (Brianna as a pumpkin, Hunter as a tiny little baby)

 Halloween 2011: (Hunter recycling the pumpkin costume, Brianna as Snow White)

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