Wednesday, November 28, 2012

#28 - Oops, Almost Missed It!

Almost missed another blog posting after a long day!

Spent the morning doing laundry, dusting, vacuuming, decluttering and going through Angel Tree stuff. Suddenly it was lunch time. And then suddenly, we were off:
  • Meeting a girl in Carthage to buy something for Angel Tree
  • Running to church to unload my trunk and reload for some errands tomorrow
  • Going to the post office to buy stamps (in line for about 25 minutes, spent another 20 minutes with my two kids sitting on counter tops putting stamps on Christmas cards and dropping them in the mail slot... I have to say they were totally adorable the entire time we were in there!)
  • Getting gas and getting cool juice bottles for the kids since they were being so totally adorable
  • Going to the bank to drop off our paperwork for re-financing the mortgage
  • Going to Walmart... yes, Walmart, to do shopping for Angel Tree. Stopping to look at every Barbie, baby doll and truck in the store and making it out only buying Mountain Dew and diapers for our family. Score! (Bought $150 worth of Baby Alive dolls, other baby dolls, gift cards and a couple of other miscellaneous toys for Angel Tree though!)
  • Giving the kids money to put into the Salvation Army bucket, and watching their faces when the man let them have his bell and take turns ringing it
  • Get home in time to unload my goodies from Walmart and reload my trunk one more time
  • Run to the Family Dollar to meet a girl to give her dishes and towels for her coworker whose house burned down (Fed By Faith delivery)
  • Run home and load up my trunk yet again with miscellaneous wrapped gifts in our laundry room that are going to Angel Tree
  • Get to church about 3 minutes before church starts
  • Teach the lesson on praising and worshiping God, have an awesome discussion with some of my favorite teens
  • Home by 9:00 from church for the first time in ages!
  • Dinner
  • Sing some songs together instead of reading books
  • Bedtime for kids
  • Bedtime for Stephen
  • Play time for me (I am shopping on Facebook for more Angel Tree gifts... oh, and I may have scored something for Brianna as well!!)
So it was just another normal day around here!

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