Saturday, November 3, 2012

#3 - Videos

We had such a great time last night with some friends from church! We go through phases where we'll get to have nights out with friends or family and then we'll go a whole month and be so busy we don't get to do anything at all. So last night Joe and Meagan and their three kids came over for dinner and Trivial Pursuit. We had a blast! Dinner was yummy and Meagan made a delicious Oreo cake, and then as the kids ran around screaming, we attempted to play Trivial Pursuit. We basically failed at this task, but we're resolved to try again in the future! We have five or six varieties of TP so we'll try an easier one in the future! Hah!

Anyway, my blog today is going to get some videos off my phone that have been on there since July.

This first video is from back in July. Oma and Opa got Hunter a water table for his birthday and shipped it to him early so he could use it all summer! I never got to post this video months ago but this was the first day we put it together. They loved playing with the water table! I'm so sad that it's about to be put away for the winter!

This next video is Brianna at the dinner table. She says, "You love Bri most and Bri loves you "trememously". That's how we love each other!" This is one of her favorite sayings.

And last but not least, here are our children being bad influences on their younger cousin Kaleb. Won't be long before he'll be joining right in these antics!

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