Thursday, November 15, 2012

#15 - Inexpensive Christmas Gift

I wanted to blog about Hunter's birthday tonight but it's going to have to wait. I have been a busy beaver lately and don't have time to really sit down and compose any thoughts.

But something interesting happened today. As many of you know, I do mystery shopping, primarily for companies like Papa Johns, Sonic, McDonald's... in other words, restaurants. But every so often I get to do something different like Bath & Body Works or office supply stores. But today I got to do something REALLY different. The Chanel makeup counter at Belk!

They were offering a huge bonus because it was their deadline so I figured I'd give it a shot. The woman was extremely nice and really knowledgeable about makeup. I think she probably thought I was a dolt because I had no clue how to answer half of the questions she asked me. She finally was able to figure out I was looking for a moisturizer (I have dry skin), with little to no tint (I have no interest in foundation), and can be put on very quickly (I have young children)! She picked out the perfect moisturizer for me and it even smelled SO good!

If anyone wants to buy it for me for Christmas or my birthday I can get you the information and you can order it online. A small bottle is a mere $65.00. A small price to pay for beauty.

I did get seven free perfume samples, so I should smell really good for the next ten years or so.

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