Thursday, November 22, 2012

#22 - Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving! Honestly, I can't decide if Thanksgiving or Christmas is my favorite holiday. I love spending the day with family - the problem with Thanksgiving is we can never see all of our families for as long as we would like to. We are torn between my family, Stephen's here in town, and his family in Eden. This year we didn't even get to see his family in Georgia (in person) because his stepfather just returned from a deployment!

Today was the best Thanksgiving I can remember though, although I'm pretty sure I think that every year.

We started off the day at my family's Thanksgiving lunch. I took some quick pictures to prove we were there! We were only able to stay about 30 minutes.

2012-11-22 12.36.55
2012-11-22 12.37.02
2012-11-22 12.37.08

You see the Brianna blur in that last picture? That's how the kids were! They did eat a little bit, but they loved playing with their cousins!

So about fifteen minutes after we got to Stephen's family's Thanksgiving lunch, this happened:

2012-11-22 14.25.23

We ended up staying at Stephen's uncle David's for three hours due to the fact that Hunter was just... sleeping. And then when he finally did wake up he was starving of course! So what did we do while Hunter slept?

Ate tons of good food. Met some family we'd never met before. Had great conversations with family members. 

Brianna with Grandpa and Kathy:

2012-11-22 14.25.50

 Cousin Kaleb chows down!

2012-11-22 14.34.57

Oh, and of course - FOOTBALL! Brianna got into the big game this year. Grab a ball, and run with it? She was made for this sport!!

2012-11-22 15.05.20
2012-11-22 15.05.41
2012-11-22 15.05.34
2012-11-22 15.09.102012-11-22 15.09.04

 Kaleb: "I'm outta here, y'all. See ya next Thanksgiving!"

2012-11-22 15.08.42
2012-11-22 15.08.30
2012-11-22 15.08.37

And then we came home and were able to Skype with our family in Georgia!! We talked to Opa for the first time in several months. The kids were quite entertaining!

One thing we did at Uncle David's Thanksgiving meal was totally awesome. Everyone in the family made a huge circle - I think there were 30ish people there - and we held hands and went around the circle and just praised God for the things we were thankful for. We prayed, and then we sang a few verses of Amazing Grace. It was really awesome because that is what Thanksgiving is all about. And I'm so grateful for a family (both blood and by marriage) who know where all of the good things in life come from. I'm so grateful for a family who will praise God not just on Thanksgiving, but every day. But it was so nice to take the time to stand together and do that. The food could wait. The football game on TV could wait. It was gorgeous weather outside. What a day, what a day!

Thank you, Lord!

Hope you all had a great day with family and friends!

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