Sunday, November 4, 2012

#4 - September and October Pictures

 Not many things are better than spending your afternoon eating chips and dip and playing Hi Ho Cherry-O!

Thought I was giving her chapstick. Obviously it was colored chapstick.

 A friend at church gave us some winter boots that her daughter had outgrown. Suddenly the boots were worn every single day with every outfit imaginable!

 Meanwhile Hunter wears a flower girl veil around his waist... one gene my kids did not necessarily get is the fashion gene!

 But then I found these beauties at the Coalition (one of my favorite thrift stores) for just $2!! New favorite shoes for Bri!

When Hunter is quiet, I have to go find him in a hurry. (Gumdrops in the pantry!)

 I guess we're packing her up and shipping her out!

 They built towers out of markers and kept telling me to take more and more pictures!

 Quality time with Evan (my nephew) at our yard sale a couple of weeks ago!! (I took about 100 pictures of him! Kids love the camera!)

He wanted his aunt Carrie in a picture!

 Gotta do the bunny ears to unsuspecting 2-year olds.

 Family reunion! This is the only picture I got!

Bri's new BFF, Reagan!

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