Sunday, August 25, 2013

Judges For You Review

I believe the Old Testament scriptures are some of the hardest to study. So many New Testament scriptures are easy to relate to modern times and apply easily to our lives. But sometimes the Old Testament stories don't quite make sense or it is hard to see how to apply the stories and lessons to our lives today. That's my opinion at least. So when I can find a good study on the Old Testament books in the Bible I jump on the chance to use them.

Judges For You is a book by Timothy Keller which, in his words, can be used to read (just front to back), to feed (as a study), or to lead (as in a small group setting). The book begins with an introduction to Judges; the background and the time period. Each chapter splits up the verses into sections so it's not overwhelming and it's easy to read. Throughout the chapters are words which are the color gray. These words are explained in the glossary in the back and are words such as: grace, ordination, Tribes of Israel, and so forth. Also at the end of each chapter are questions for reflection so you can apply the scripture to your life.

Not only does Keller include the glossary, but he includes a picture of the "cycle" that was consistently followed by the people. In other words, he explains how they would rebel, God would get angry, they'd go through oppression, they would repent, there would be salvation through a judge, there would be peace, and then the judge would die. Then the cycle would start all over again. Keller shows this cycle every time it occurs in the book of Judges. He also includes a map of Israel, some of the issues of Israel, and further recommended reading.

I've never seen such a great commentary on an Old Testament book of the Bible. It was interesting, easy to read, and definitely made me want to learn more. I would highly, highly recommend this book to anyone who is curious to learn more about this book of the Bible.

Thank you to Cross Focused Reviews and The Good Book Company for giving me a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review.

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