Thursday, August 29, 2013

Timothy: A Little Fish With a Big Purpose Review

I love getting new books for the kids which have a spiritual basis. I was excited to read Brad Riley's new book, "Timothy: A Little Fish with a Big Purpose".

The colorful pictures will immediately grab your child's attention, and the story will keep her attention. The way Riley has created the characters, they are sweet and loving. There is a very sweet background to Timothy which has to do with his mother and grandmother, and their very close relationship. If you don't understand the correlation to the biblical Timothy during the story, you will understand it when reading Riley's afterword. I think he made a great decision to characterize this fish after Timothy in the Bible.

In the story, Timothy gets the opportunity to obey his grandmother. When he does, that decision will change him forever, because it allows him to be a part of one of Jesus' miracles.

Of course the story is fictional, but it is an extremely important lesson for our children to learn and for adults to be reminded of. When we walk in obedience, it is easier for God to use us in the plans He has laid out. As your child gets older, you can read to them the corresponding story from the Bible. I could easily see this book being used as a foundation for several activities with kids in a home or church setting.

You can purchase a copy from Amazon here.

Thank you to Cross Focused Reviews and Vox Dei Publishers for a free copy of the book in exchange for my honest review.

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