Thursday, March 5, 2015

Kindergarten - Day 100 and Day 101

Day 100:

I know, I know, all the public schools celebrate day 100 of school by doing crazy things. Actually, a lot of homeschools do that as well. Our 100th day came and went like any other day, though, and guess what? My kids didn't explode or ANYTHING! Maybe in the future we will celebrate the 100th day, but not this year.

Our science experiment for the day: (Unedited video! About 3 minutes long. The last thing Brianna said had me laughing - she's desperately trying to teach y'all something!)

Our character trait for January was "Joy". This is what Brianna learned:

Day 100:

Don't the kids look so cute with their little bookbags, walking into Covenant Prep? Instead of books they have snacks in their bookbags!

Some of Hunter's artwork:

A few books Brianna read on this day:

 This is pretty much how the main portion of our morning is spent:

 Hunter earned a reward! He wanted ice cream from Blue Horse Market. Yum!

Some of our favorite library books this week:

And another library book...

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