Saturday, March 7, 2015

Kindergarten - Day 102 and Day 103


We got to drive up and see Nenah and Papa this weekend! This is a picture from quite far away, but Bri, Hunter and Opa got a little soccer time because it was pretty nice outside.

Hunter just relaxed on the way home.

This happened. This never happens, so I captured it on camera.

Hunter had to help babysit in the nursery on Sunday.

On Monday, Bri earned her reward! She chose to get ice cream from Blue Horse Market.

We made valentines for Daddy! (I got this idea from here)

 And of course, we had a huge Valentine's party with our homeschool group! Thank you so much to our local Pizza Hut for being on top of it with the pizza and letting us go crazy in their restaurant!

Thank you to Oma for taking the time with the kids to make their boxes!

 They racked up on goodies!

Day 103:

This is the day that Brianna officially learned to tie her own shoes!

And Daddy bought the kids new boots as a special treat!

In Magic School Bus, they learned about planting seeds:

I love this picture of Bri and her best friend Juliet. They are so sweet together.

Hunter's school work:

Our own science experiment/devotion: talking about the world (the blue water) and us (the egg). We put the egg into the water and it sank. But when we added salt, the egg floats. We talked about being the salt of the earth and how God will lift us up when we live for Him. And when we live in the world but not of the world, people will see something different about us.

Play-doh birthday cakes are the rage around here right now.

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