Monday, March 30, 2015

Kindergarten - Day 106 and Day 107

Day 106:

Hunter loves building with his gears!

Hunter's school work:

Hunter also enjoys Imaginets magnets!

We talked about how God heals (remembering the story about Naaman). The kids each got some saran wrap. I drew a circle in permanent marker on the saran wrap. The saran wrap represented skin and the circle was a "sore". The kids colored over the "sore" with a brown washable marker. Then I let them rub oil on the saran wrap. I told them that our skin gets dirty and oily. Then we got water on paper towels and washed off the dirt, but the oil wasn't removed. Next, we added soap to the water and washed our "skin" again. The oil was removed this time, but not the "sore". The point is that water can wash away some things, soap can wash away even more impurities, but only God can truly heal our bodies. (From Hearts of Dakota, Little Hearts for His Glory)

 Day 107:

 Hunter's school work:

We were getting ready to talk about kitchen chemistry in Magic School Bus, so we did a "volcano" experiment by mixing baking soda and vinegar in a bottle and letting it overflow. I added red food coloring just to make it more visible.

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