Thursday, June 5, 2008

#78 - Memorize 20 different scriptures

I did it! Even with my awful memory I memorized 20 scriptures in 21 weeks. I started saying them in front of my youth group on Wednesday nights so that I could have people witness it and so I could be held accountable. After two weeks of me doing it, they started memorizing scripture on their own (they found out we were hoarding candy and would give it out as a reward!) Now they are all doing a program where they are memorizing one scripture a week, and every week they have to say that scripture and all the weeks prior. Does that make sense? Like week 4, they say Week 1,2,3 and 4 in one night. It really pumps it in there. Of course they don't have to but they're doing really well at it. It was funny because two weeks ago I didn't have a scripture memorized (it was a hard scripture and a harder week) and when I said that, there was a collective gasp from all the kids! They were in shock! So it made me feel good that they had really come to expect it from me. That holds me to the fact that I need to keep on memorizing even though I have completed this goal. The scriptures that I memorized were as follows:

1. Job 19:25
2. Matthew 11:28
3. Psalm 55:22
4. 1 John 4:8
5. Psalm 19:1
6. John 6:37
7. Psalm 143:10
8. John 14:6
9. Psalm 118:22
10. Matthew 18:20
11. Romans 5:8
12. Psalm 16:3
13. Romans 5:8
14. Psalm 127:1
15. John 14:15
16. Leviticus 11:45
17. Acts 4:12
18. Psalm 19:7
19. Romans 8:18
20. Romans 10:11

I didn't pick them, they were given to me or else I would have picked easier ones!

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Christopher said...

Thank you thank you thank you for having your youth group memorize Scripture. And more than that, thank you for doing so with them to show them it could be done and to encourage them.

My name is Christopher and I run a small online ministry by the name of Dwelling Rich ( We are dedicated to believers memorizing and meditating upon Scripture throughout the day. We live in such a distracted time right now, so I am so glad to see you focuing your group in this way.