Friday, June 27, 2008

I need another pot of coffee.

Seriously, I don't know how parents do it. Parents, how do you do it!? I am utterly exhausted today. I really really need some more caffeine or something.

Last night after VBS, Emma and Jessie came home with us to spend the night. We also had Josh and Jenn staying with us, so even though we were all reaaaally sleepy, we knew we wouldn't go straight to bed. Emma and Jessie needed showers after running around outside, so we did that. Jessie made sure to show me her hairdos that she made with the buttload of shampoo that she used! She made mohawks, ice cream cones, and George Washington. It was so hilarious! After that, the three of us were sleepy, so we went ahead and read our Bible story and brushed our teeth. We went on to bed while Josh, Jenn and Stephen stayed up to talk.

At about 1:15, I was woken up by Emma announcing that she was sick. We went into the kitchen to get some koolaid and Pepto. When we got back into bed, she slipped in with us, and within ten minutes was jumping up to race to the bathroom. Poor Emma. I got her some coke and saltine crackers and we laid down on the couch together to settle in for some Veggietales. We watched all of Little Joe and she still wasn't ready to go to bed, so we watched Duke and the Great Pie War. I totally passed out during the last 15 minutes. It was over around 3:15 and I pleaded with her to try to go to sleep. So we got back in bed and sure enough, she passed out pretty quickly. I tried to let them sleep in as long as possible this morning because I knew they would be exhausted by the end of the day. They couldn't believe that we got to work before it opens, and we didn't even get here until 5 till 8!! They were amazed that I usually get to work by 7:00. This was the funny conversation Jessie and I had this morning while straightening her bed head:

Jessie: Amanda, you should be glad you guys don't have children.
Amanda: Why?
J: Because our house is a mess!
A: (laughing) Is that your fault?
J: (solemnly) Yes.
A: Why don't you do something about it?
J: Well, what happens is, I bring toys downstairs to play with them and then I just leave them there instead of putting them away.
A: Well, why don't you put them away?
J: (shrugs)

It seemed funny this morning anyway. Right now she is sitting beside me measuring everything in sight and taking notes. She's filled up a whole page front and back with measurements. I think I did stuff like that when I was little. I loved it.
Yesterday mom, Jenn, me, Granny, Elsie & Shirley (Granny's sisters) went to Panera Bread for lunch to catch up. We all live in the same town but never ever see each other, and certainly not all at once. It was HILARIOUS. Those sisters are so cute! Jenn and I figure that's how we'll be in about 50 years or so. They are really fun.

I got my second Human Dev. paper back last night and got a 94 again. It kind of irritates me because I followed her feedback to the letter and she gave me pretty much the exact same feedback as the last paper. Whatever!

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Gail said...

Imagine having children 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. This is the reason God rewards you with grandchildren after it is all said and done.