Monday, June 23, 2008

Long update

I seem to have this awful pattern of not posting because I have pictures to accompany certain posts. So I'm just going to update now and post pictures at some point when I have time.

Thursday night, I met Jenn and Kate in Southern Pines to hit up Rock the Plaza, which was at the Shops at Belvedere (across from The Pilot). There was a band (if you could call them that) and all the shops stayed open later than usual. I got these sweet homemade candles, lilac and mango, which were buy one get one free because they are discontinuing them. I have been burning them at work and everyone's been asking where to get them from. Nick's Nacks! I also finally got a hot dog from Dog Nation, and it was so delicious I just want another one! I had a really good time at that because I love the quirky shops like those. I hope we try to go in July when it happens again. After RTP, Jenn and I went back to my crib to watch "30 Days". You can read all about that here. Oh, I also forced Jenn to watch part of Pop Up Videos (which she claims not to remember, and I believe her, but it is a shock to my system that she never saw them as much as I watched them growing up), and most of America's Got Talent, and the best one of all - the new NKOTB video for "Summertime". Wooooo!! I can't help it, I will always have a special place in my heart for NKOTB. I just can't help it.

Friday, we couldn't believe that Jenn and Matt were AVAILABLE. GASP!!! They came over and played 9 holes of golf. I was afraid that Jenn would really hate it, but she wasn't any worse than Stephen or myself, and we've been playing much longer. Hopefully she'll play again. Then we went out to eat and it was delicious, and so nice to eat out. We did eat out one other time this month, with Tony and Jan, so we splurged this month! Well, not really, because the other time they paid for our meal. So actually we did good!

Saturday I had to be at the shelter by 6:50ish to relieve Ginny. I was prepared for a really slow 12-hour shift, maybe with a nap involved in there somewhere. I also wanted to finish some school stuff in preparation for being gone the week of the 4th. Well, when I got there, Ginny informed me that I was going to be training two new staff members. So, I really got nothing done. I trained one from 10-2 and the other from 4-6:30. 0 crisis calls. 1 wrong number. 1 telemarketer. All in all, a good day, because we don't want crisis calls! By the time I got home around 8pm, I was soooo tired. I got home and Stephen was cooking pancakes for dinner (yum!) and as soon as we ate, we passed out. I slept for about eleven hours (and darn proud of it!!) and woke up...

Sunday, and watched a couple of UFC fights before we had to be at church. Yesterday was a pretty bad day physically. I felt really physically exhausted even though I thought I had caught up on my sleep. I had a killer headache that I kept thinking would turn into a migraine, so I was popping Tylenol all day to no avail. Then I decided last night that I want to put the VBS song lyrics on posterboard for the kids to read while we sing. Hence, we had to run to Dollar General after church to get posterboard, and then I had to stay up extra late to write the lyrics on there in preparation for tonight. So this morning I felt pretty crummy, too, but I feel much better now.

This week is VBS and I am the music director. I am really excited but nervous about how it's going to go. Every night, Emma and Jessie are coming over for dinner, and then we'll take them to VBS. On Wednesday, Josh and Jenn will be with us as well. And Thursday, Emma and Jessie will spend the night after VBS. So we have a pretty full plate this week. Stephen and I are working as hard as we can to finish schoolwork before we leave for Pennsylvania next week. But we should be good.

Sorry that post was so long, but it had been too long since I last posted!

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