Monday, June 9, 2008

A series of fortunate events

In the past few days, we have had some very fortunate events happen to us.

1) On Thursday, Stephen was sitting at a computer working when suddenly, he was Chicken Little. I mean, seriously, the ceiling collapsed on him. He was just sitting there, and suddenly pushed back from the table just as an entire section of the roof (including a light fixture) swung across where he had been sitting. He took pictures of the event. Most likely if he had been hit, he would have had a severe head injury (like, it would have been rolling around on the floor) or been electrocuted by all the wiring. He said that all the guys just kind of stood there in shock, and then one of them said, "And THAT'S why you gotta make sure you're right with God!" I guess it was pretty funny after the fact, like that nervous-funny feeling. So that was fortunate because I still have a complete husband.

2) Friday night we were out with Tony and Jan, and I was kind of throwing myself a little pity party. See, when we moved into our house, we got this dining room set from Stephen's sister to keep until we could afford our own set or until she got a house (which we thought was in the far-off future). So when she called us last week and told us she'd be coming to pick it up this weekend, we kind of got that heart-racing, throat-gulping, financial-sweating thing going on. The real problem is that I couldn't care less what our dining room set looks like, but Stephen likes for everything to match. So I'm thinking, what are the chances of finding an entire dining room set that we both like, with every piece that he wants, that matches, for a price we can afford!? Enter Sandhills Coalition. I just happened to go by there on Saturday to drop off some donations (which wouldn't have happened if I hadn't gotten off work because of a random snake sighting), and the ONLY reason I went inside was because I saw mom and dad's truck outside and I wanted to go inside and mess with them. Imagine my surprise/shock/pleasure when I saw: a Broyhill dining room set complete with table, two extra leaves, 8 chairs, a server, and a China cabinet... for $500!!! Let me repeat that. $500!!! We haven't decided definitely on it yet because Stephen hasn't seen it, so it's being held for us until he can go look at it tomorrow. But I'm 95% sure we're getting it. What a HUGE blessing!! We can definitely afford that, and the set is nice enough to keep for many years until we can really afford some new stuff (if we ever decide to go in that direction). I am speechless.

3) Saturday afternoon we received our state taxes back - and it covers Stephen's entire schooling for this semester! Mine was already paid off and when I found out I had to lay out all that money for him, I just groaned. So this check can go straight to Liberty. Wahoo!

This week is going to be really hard for me, so I'm just gonna pray that I get through it without hurting someone! I am going to be working both jobs throughout the week, plus I have something at church Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights, and I have two discussion board things to turn in for school, plus a paper. Oh, plus the fact that school gets out tomorrow which means that for the next two months work = daycare. So if I can get through this week I can do anything!! P.S. Don't get me wrong - I love every single thing I will be doing this week, even the homework. So I am not really complaining, this is just my way of making myself better at time management! P.P.S. Okay, I really am complaining about work = daycare though.

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jennifer said...

OK, at first I thought the ceiling collapsed at your house and I almost had a heart attack. That is freaky! I'm so glad Stephen's OK and I want to see pictures!

That sounds like a riDICulous deal on the dining room set. Lucky, lucky you! I can't wait to see it! And if you need help moving it, let us know.

Love you!