Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Hump Day!

Hump Day is here! I am not really sure if I am happy, relieved, or sad about that. It means that we're halfway through with VBS, so that's good and bad, closer to leaving for PA, which is good, closer to the day my final research paper is due, which is bad... I have so many mixed emotions!! I wanted to post some pictures from the first night of VBS, which was Monday. I'm the music director, but that night we all did music as one big group, so for the rest of the night I just walked around taking pictures. Last night, and for the rest of the week, I did each class individually. Let me tell ya, I haven't worked out that much in ages. I made these crazy cool motions to go with all these songs, and then forgot to take into account the fact that I have to do them over and over again to teach four different classes! So for one song, we sing "Sin is a drag that will pull you down" and we squat down really fast. Just doing the song once I end up doing about 70 squats. And that's everyone's favorite song so I do it at least twice per class. We also jump about 70 times in that song and about 200 in another. So my calves and thighs should be good. Also, our theme is aviation, so two of the songs really get into flying and I have everyone put their arms out to the sides and bend from side to side like they're flying. I do that about 800 times a night. So my abs should be good too. My legs are so sore today! Hurts so good! Anyway, enough talking - here's just a sample of pictures, but not so many to overload you I hope.

Kimberly shows me how the picture frames are supposed to work:

Stephen is the recreation leader (and an airplane mechanic. no really. literally and at VBS.)

Our youth group kids are... interesting.

A helicopter was going to come land, but there was a bad storm and they couldn't make it, so they rescheduled for Thursday. To make up for it, the multitude of fire engines and ambulances we had there went crazy with their sirens, lights, and hoses!

So even though technically we weren't supposed to get wet this year... oh well. Also, our preacher thought it would be hilarious to set off a smoke bomb halfway through the night! I only caught the end of it, luckily, because I was inside, but Stephen coughed up black stuff all yesterday because it went off right at the recreation area. Of course the kids thought it was so funny!

I got a great video last night but didn't upload any pictures from last night since I was leading music. When I get another good batch I'll post them.

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