Monday, June 16, 2008

#9 - Go to at least two concerts

Okay, let me see if I can remember everything I was going to post. I completed the concerts portion of my 101 list. Back in March, we took our youth group to Winter Jam, so that was one concert. Then on Saturday, we went to see Third Day, so there's my two concerts! Saturday we took the youth group to Carowinds for 14 hours of a sun-filled, fun-filled, no-barfing-allowed good time. We never have any problems with kids barfing because half of them have a fear of heights and the other half don't like rollercoasters that go upside down. Anyway, I thought we had a great time. I love rollercoasters. I think my favorite part is finding out where the camera is and then making goofy faces for the picture. Although I never buy the picture, at least we can all gather around and laugh at it after the ride! I rode most of the rides with Lauren, our preacher's daughter, who for the first time was 54 inches and could finally ride the good rides. I think our favorite was Ricochet. It takes you on these 180-degree turns where it feels like you're going to just fall right out of the car. We watched for the camera and when we got to it, we planned to make this really funny face and stick our hands on our heads like deer antlers, but it just so happened that we were going down a hill at the time so it looked even funnier than planned. We also forced talked some of the braver kids into riding Drop Zone with us, where you drop 100 feet in 6 seconds. Last year our preacher wouldn't let anyone ride it because that girl's legs had just gotten chopped off by a similar ride in Kentucky. But this year we braved it. I wish I had a camera for the look on some of the kids faces, but since I was riding I didn't have my camera with me! Anyway, we had a lot of fun and I really hope we can go back in October when Skillet is playing there. I love seeing them in concert!

Do yourself a favor and look at these pictures on Jenn's blog. Friday her and mom called me excitedly with an idea to decorate dad's car for his last official day of school. It was SO much fun and his reaction was priceless! So go check them out!

I actually think this week is going to be the slowest week I have in a looooong time. So I am going to embrace it and do as much schoolwork as possible. My next class will start in a week, and then my classes will overlap for a couple of weeks, so those will be the toughest times (FYI, that is also the week of VBS and Stephen's sister and brother will be staying with us then). So don't blame me if I'm grumpy! Okay, you can blame me. My next class I have a book report due every week. So I am going to venture into a cave and return in 8 weeks.

Last night we went to Jenn and Matt's for a Father's Day celebration. Thanks for hosting us, y'all! We had a great time and the food was awesome. I'll post some pictures later. Not tonight, though. Tonight after work I am going straight to the shelter and putting in some second shift hours. Hopefully I'll still be home before Stephen passes out (hah!). Okay, let me go get some work done.

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