Thursday, June 26, 2008

IcyHot? Pshaw!

IcyHot? More like HotBurningScalding! Yes, I am out of shape. I think that much is clear. After more squats and jumps and side bends last night at VBS, my abs and thighs are burning this morning! Hence, the IcyHot. I feel like an old woman. Also, I feel smelly. But it is so much fun.

The hardest group is the 2-4 year olds. They are so easily distracted! So last night, I got smart. When we did our winding down song, I knelt down to their level to do the motions. Within seconds, four of them were inches from my face, staring at me and doing the motions too. After a verse or so, 5 or 6 of the other kids pushed their way up to where we were and did it too. It was so cute! With me being so close to them, there was no opportunity for them to get distracted by anything else!!

The goal this week is to get points by answering questions correctly, saying Bible verses, or winning at games. It's girls vs. boys and right now the girls are ahead 39-33! Last night, Jessie got three questions right! That made the girls win last night. She was ecstatic! Whoever wins out of the boys or girls gets to pie the preacher tomorrow night. Although he is totally against the idea for some unknown reason. Hey, as long as it's pie that you like, what's the big deal!?

Tonight Emma and Jessie are spending the night at our house after VBS. We're gonna be soooo sleepy, but I'm excited. They are really cute when they aren't running around screaming at work. Hopefully I'll post some pictures tomorrow.

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