Friday, August 8, 2008


My first graduate class at Liberty ended on July 4. Since then I have emailed my professor and talked to my dean on numerous occasions about the fact that my final paper was never graded. I had a final grade in the class, but no grade on my paper.

Today, almost 5 weeks after the class was over and grades had been turned in, I received the grade for my paper. I am happy to say that I got a 93 on it. YAY!! The class average was a 77 so I feel really good about my grade. Therefore, my final grade was a 96. Awesome man!

Normally I wouldn't blog about this kind of stuff, but I am really proud of myself. That was a really tough class, although it's probably one of the easiest I'll get to do. The class I'm in right now ends in two weeks and I will then begin my next class - Theories of Counseling. It will be my hardest yet, which isn't saying much as I'm still an amateur.

I'm excited about this venture, even if it does take me 7 years to get my degree.


jennifer said...

It's about time! Do you think she finally graded your paper only because you hassled her and the dean so much about it?

Ken Loyd said...

Can you say "Blog Brag" three times fast? You're entitled to brag! Have you noticed how often the word "PROUD" comes up in my comments to you and your sis? Mom and I are proud again.

Amanda said...

Jenn: I'm sure the email pressure (and pressure from the dean) finally made her crack!

Thanks dad! By the way, I cannot say "Blog Brag" three times fast. I can barely get it out twice!

Gail said...

It doesn't matter how long it takes, it is the fact that you worked hard and GOT the degree!!!
I am very proud of you.

heather said...

I'm proud of you girl!!!!!You go girl!!!!!You can do anything that you put your mind too!!!!!Don't give up!!!Dream high!!!!!