Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Very miscellaneous

I am posting just to get back into it, because as Renee said this morning, I haven't blogged in "SIX DAYS!!" I didn't realize. It has just gone by so quickly! And I have so many pictures I want to post.

I wore a sweater, yes a sweater, to work today because I was pretty freezing yesterday. Now I am burning up with no release. I now have kicked off my socks and shoes, which I'm pretty sure is totally against our dress code, but I'm also not walking anywhere. Yesterday I took my extra pair of sandals out of my car and put them in my closet. Of course. A few minutes ago I had to go out to the dumpster so I took off my sweater and walked around in my tank top, even though we are in the middle of a tornado warning? watch? and the school across the street has their alarms drilling for what I can only imagine must be a tornado drill. It is a bit cloudy but otherwise beautiful blue skies.

Last night, we were watching Intervention, which is a show about addicts and their journey to rehab. Really, the success rate is very high. Anyway, the director of this one rehab was talking about this guy who came in as an alcoholic. She said, "He just came in and really wanted to change everything. And he did, with relish." Stephen looked at me and said, "That must have been messy!" Haha! That tickled me.

Well, that's about it. Soon, really, I want to post pictures of the church building progress (our steel is up) and our back to school party at church (hilarious!). I'll get on that.


heather said...

I'm glad that your back to blogging!!!I told your Dad last night in my email that I miss your alls blogs when you don't blog!!!!!!Renee is right girl!!!!!Girl I'm wearing a sweater today so don't feel so bad!!!It is so cold here today even if it is West Virgina!!!!!Neat to see that the church is going up!!!!!

Renee said...

Well, glad you finally got back to the blog. However, you shouldn't have told on yourself about the socks and shoes and tank at the dumpster when you know I WOULD READ IT!!!!!

We will discuss this dress code!

(Just kidding)