Thursday, August 21, 2008

Laid Off

I hate that I haven't been blogging. If I had anything, anything at all, to blog about, I would. But nothing has happened lately! I'm probably going to get fired from blogging. Fortunately for me, that's not the way it works!!

Tonight is Rock the Plaza in Southern Pines. At least that will be something new and exciting for me! I have been craving a hot dog from Dog Nation ever since I found out they are going to be there tonight. Pik N Pig is also going to be there but I despise their food. I was smart enough to get some cash out so no one has to bail me out like last time (thanks Kate or Jenn! Now I can't remember who had to bail me out...)

Tomorrow night we have our back to school party at church. Stephen and I are in charge of the games. Thank goodness, because Stephen's been dying to play this one game forever. It's called Drip, Drip, Pour. You play it just like Duck, Duck, Goose, but with a cup of water. I'm sure you see where this is going. So we'll finally get to play that. We've got some other fun games saved up as well.

I guess that's really it. I cannot concentrate because I am thinking about Rock the Plaza now. Will the candles be buy one get one free again? Will the sales be good? Will the line be long for Dog Nation? What kind of military discounts are going on? Oh, the possibilities...

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