Sunday, August 31, 2008

Back to School Party

These are the pictures from our party at church for Back to School. We played a game called Musical Clothes that I came up with at the last minute. I bought $3 worth of clothes from the Coalition, and Stephen and Jan threw in some of their own clothes too. The kids loved it and actually wanted to play it again, but we had other plans.

TJ looks a little too comfortable in a mini-skirt...

As you can see, Stephen got into it as well. Isn't he pretty??

The rules were to put on your article of clothing. We never said you couldn't wear them on your head!!

Of course Dance Dance was a big hit, as usual:

This was the other big game we played. Drip, Drip, Pour. It's just like Duck, Duck, Goose but... more fun!!

In this video, I kept the camera on our Preacher Tony because I knew he was up to no good. It wasn't his turn but he's always looking for an opportunity to get someone wet!!


Ken Loyd said...

Looks like puddles of fun to me. Last time I got that wet (ahem. . . except for showers)was washing the cars in the rain. And I always said Stephen was a snappy dresser. Lucky for you Tony had respect for your camera.

jennifer said...

The clothes game was a brilliant idea. And the "drip drip" -- hilarious.