Monday, August 22, 2011

Building Towers and Distraction

This is another video from several weeks ago. We play with blocks A LOT around here, so I try to make up games so it's not just tower after tower being built. Finally I had the idea that we would build a tower as usual but make each row different (one row of animals, one row of foods, one row of numbers, etc etc.) We only made it through three blocks due to Brianna's ADD...

  • Zebra eats grass
  • I love when she says, "". What happened is she picked up the block with a rhino on it but when I said, "What is it?" my finger was on the rocket. So she was answering "airplane" and switched her answer to "rhino". Haha!
  • Horns on his nose - "Honk Honk"
  • Breaks into song when she sees the bumblebee. As you can tell she gets really into it and I think she zones out doing the motions and it's very hard to understand her slurred words. But still cute!
  • Suddenly remembers one of her favorite songs from Kindermusik so she has to run and get the music for it - "Fly and Bumblebee"

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