Tuesday, August 9, 2011

From the Attic

I think I'm pretty much done going through my boxes that were in storage, so I may leave you with these images...

First up is the Declaration of Independence. Oh, it may not be the real Declaration of Independence, but still very very important! Dad can explain it much better than I. He created this event in his class where your goal was to be allowed to sign the Declaration of Independence. Basically you had to prove yourself in actions, that you were ready to sign this paper, and you had to write a letter explaining yourself to Dad, and then he would either approve you or explain why he felt you needed to wait to sign it. It was a MUCH bigger deal than I am making it sound but my brain is totally fried at this point in my life and I can't get my thoughts together.

BUT. I just so happen to have the original document from the year I was in his class. As you can see Dad was a complete failure at nepotism, as I was the fifth person to sign instead of the first. Sorry but these pictures would not rotate. You will have to rotate your head instead to read them.

My certificate of signing! I was 7 years old.

This wouldn't rotate either. If you knew me at all when I was 5-7 years old this will make complete sense to you. It says, "I am going on a date! I will never talk in "shcool". I will never talk to my sister. She took my date. I don't like her anymore. My date is gone. Kenneth was my date. Boo hoo!"

Please note: I am not sure if this is a historically accurate document but I am pretty sure Kenneth would never date me at that point in my life.

Growing up, I can remember my parents being very in love. I have tons of memories of them holding hands, hugging, kissing, and other little things, I was never really grossed out like most people were when their parents were affectionate. In my opinion, I'd rather them be kissing than yelling at each other!

Anyway, you can see even at 7 or 8 years old I knew how much they loved each other. Here is a picture I drew. It is supposed to be Mom and she is saying, "Hi big boy!" Then at the bottom it says, "Mom saying that to Dad." Haha!

By the way, they are getting ready to have their 35-year anniversary (if I'm doing the math right), so obviously they are doing something right!!


Ken Loyd said...

Delighted to comment on this post. Yes, indeed, you were qualified to be FIRST to sign the Declaration that year. However, since four other students were also qualified, we put all your names on slips of paper, had a drawing, and that determined the order. Trivia moment.

Ken Loyd said...

BTW, to clarify, there were other students who signed later that day, but they had not given me their letters first thing in the morning. I was very pleased with the 22 students who signed that year. As you know, there were several more than that in our class. Not to be mean, but some of them might not qualify yet! : )

Ken Loyd said...

On the "date" letter, I have a theory. Since you underlined some words in that first sentence, I think you were composing sentences with your first grade spelling words (they're all from the Dolch sight word list). You ALWAYS liked creating stories when you had that sort of task-- and so did I. Not that you didn't pursue Kenneth vigorously.

Ken Loyd said...

And last but not least, thanks for the kind remarks about our rapidly approaching anniversary (NO, I hadn't forgotten it, thank you very much)! Love, Dad

Amanda said...

Yes, I remember how we drew names for the signing of the declaration that time! I would love for you to write a post on how you came up with that idea and what it really stood for, etc. As though you have SO much free time to do that!!