Monday, August 8, 2011

From the Attic

That's right, more stuff from the attic! I'm pretty sure I'm about to run out of these old papers and stuff....

How to Keep Warm at the North Pole (2nd grade, 8 years old - Dad was my teacher!)

1. Get 50 warm blankets and cover yourself and sit in the oven.

2. Sit in a frying pan that's still on the stove and the stove being turned on.

3. Eat a steak that's red hot and eat it sitting on the grill.

4. Get hothothothot water and turn on the shower and bath water.

5. Eat a piece of toast burning up, red hot and EAT IT!

6. Make a wax stove. Then make a big fire in the fire so it almost burns down the house and then close the door and stand by it and kill yourself.

I am thinking after reading this that I may have had issues.

I also found a drawing I did for mom and dad that says, "I love you Mom and Dad! Even if you are 34 and 36 years old!"

Oh my Lord.

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