Thursday, August 18, 2011


Blogging has been bumped way to the end of my "to do" list but I want to make sure I post about these milestones so I don't forget them.

On Monday, we were working at Classy Paci and Hunter stood for the first time! I set him down to handle a customer and he just stood there. I said, "Hunter, you're standing! Bri, Hunter's standing!" Bri applauded like the proud sister she is and then said, "Look Mommy, Bri's standing!" Yeah, yeah, whatever kid.

On Wednesday, Hunter waved for the first time! We were leaving Mom and Dad's house and they waved to him and he lifted his hand and waved! I kind of went a little crazy and that's when they realized it was his first time. It is so cute I am always just catching his eye and waving now just to see him wave back. What a cutie!!

Last Wednesday I joined our local gym, in a last-ditch effort to begin exercising, which I have threatened to do basically all my life but never done consistently. I am blessed in that right now I have great metabolism thanks to my parents and somehow I am always able to get right back into exercising (especially cardio) but I know that is not always going to be the case. I figured I should get ready for when I hit my mid-30's and my body starts falling apart.

Anyway, they have this awesome daycare at the gym, but unfortunately Bri hates it. Rather, she loves the daycare, she hates that I leave her there and don't stay and watch her play. Since joining last Wednesday we went Friday (got in an 8-minute workout before they came and got me because of her crying), Saturday (got in an 11-minute workout before they came and got me), Tuesday (got in a 12-minute workout before they came and got me), Wednesday I worked out before going to work while my parents had the kids so I worked out my full time, and then today... made it my full hour! Yes! Go Bri! Kids that are Hunter's age can only stay for one hour or else you can believe I would have milked it and stuck around. But alas. We'll be back Saturday and hopefully it will continue to go smoothly.

Okay, those are the major things I didn't want to forget to update about. That's all I have time for right now!

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